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Comprehensive aerial drone services.

TREVI Drone Data offers  complete geospatial mapping  remote sensing services focused on the following industrial users:

  • Corridor mapping

  • Mining (volume calculation)

  • Construction site monitoring

  • Environmental changes (time series)

  • Forestry

  • Contour mapping

  • Leveling/Excavation

  • Archaeology and cultural heritage

  • Highway construction

  • Photographic / Video Documentation


Infrastructure Inspection

TDD has long-range lidar equipment that allows the mapping to work at higher altitude with greater efficiency. Its special spot shape provides better resolution and range for thin objects like power lines, and its distinctive repetitive scanning mode improves precision.

Why do we use drones?

There are obvious benefits when using a drone for construction project photography. 

  • Points of view can be at any height necessary to gather the needed image or data.

  • Images can be repeated using GPS waypoints in order to have consistent perspectives and time lapse updates.

  • Using available cutting edge technology, a drone can repeatably fly a grid capturing a precise set of images that are processed resulting in orthorectified images and 3d surface models that can be highly accurate.

Our Services

Map & Topographic


Data collection is just one of the many fields we fly in.



Progress tracking is essential for scheduling, project look out and coordination.

Aerial Video & Photography


Cinematic video footage to wow clients and customers.

About us

We collaborate with cutting edge commercial developers, general contractors, and sub contractors. We are FAA certified pilots, operating safe, legal aerial mapping and photographic services. We deliver fast accurate data that we firmly stand behind every time.  

LIDAR Mapping

 We utilize a compact and lightweight payload with improved detection range and efficiency, featuring an FOV greater than 70°. Its triple-echo and dual-scanning modes are ideal for use cases such as mapping, powerline surveying, smart cities and other applications. 

Work with us

Through detailed methods of crew resource management and pre-flight checks we are proud to hold a perfect safety record. Our pilots are FAA licensed industry operators who are highly specialized in every aspect of aerial production. 

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