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We mission plan, fly, analyze, deliver and wow every time.

What We Do

We here at Trevi Drone Data cherish the role we play in the drone service industry. We make it easy for your company, regardless of its size, to acquire professional drone imagery and accurate data, anywhere you many need it. Our clients range from sole proprietors and small mom-and-pop shops to large enterprises with physical assets and properties in remote locations nationwide. Whether you have ten thousand assets or a single property, we’re happy to help.

Our Vision

3D data doesn't need to be complicated.  You don’t have to be an engineer to enjoy the many significant benefits of digital mapping.  

We strive to provide the tools so you can wow your clients and let any of the complexities take place on the back-end. Up front, they get to view and manipulate fascinating imagery & data.   We assist you in easy data acquisition all while providing white glove service throughout the project.

Come Play with Us

We use the latest in sUAS (small drone) technology
with the ability to fly precise autonomous and hand flown missions.  A drone is just a tool. We are proficient at operating drones and have the experience necessary to select the best drone for the particular project. We are licensed nationwide.

Operating all aerial mapping services in Nevada, California, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Arizona.  


Using the power of AI, Machine Learning, QA/QC expertise, we take the data collected and can deliver:

  • Map and Topographic Data Collection.

  • Stockpile Volume Reports

  • Construction Progress and Inspection

  • Photography and Cinematic Video 


Deliverable Details include:

  • Accurate grade topographic contours 

  • Ground control reports

  • CAD vectorization .dwg .dxf

  • Powerline classification

  • Forestry canopy height models

  • TIN model generation

  • Export .dwg .tiff .las .laz .shp .kml

Open Positions

Part 107 Pilots

Professional pilots are critical to our operations. We look for not only Part 107 certification, but one who takes safety seriously. 

Mapping Analytics

We are looking for a professional to verify and support aerial missions on the ground. Process data and verify accuracy before we leave the operation and project.

Sales & Marketing

 If you are looking for a career in sales and digital marketing with a long term vision and you are a passionate person, we need to get in touch. 


Looking for experienced sdk development for future drone operations pertaining to pilot web apps,  payload and onboard flight operations.

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