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Our Services

TREVI Drone Data offers  complete aerial geospatial mapping and remote sensing services that serve a multitude of industries.

Trevi Drone Data

Comprehensive aerial drone services is our core competency.

We use the latest in sUAS (small drone) technology with the ability to fly precise autonomous and hand flown missions.  A drone is just a tool. We are proficient at operating sUAS missions and have the experience necessary to select the best drone for the particular project. We are licensed nationwide. Operating all aerial  data collection services in Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.


Our mapping services are great for recording: 

  • Corridor mapping

  • Mining (volume calculation)

  • Construction progress, monitoring, and inspection

  • Contour mapping

  • Leveling/Excavation

  • Archaeology and cultural heritage

  • Highway construction


Deliverable Details include:

  • Survey grade topographic contours 

  • Ground control reports

  • CAD vectorization .dwg .dxf

  • Powerline classification

  • Forestry canopy height models

  • Photogrammerty model generation

  • Export .dwg .tiff .las .laz .shp .kml

LIDAR Mapping

 We utilize a compact and lightweight payload with improved detection range and efficiency, featuring an FOV greater than 70°. Its triple-echo and dual-scanning modes are ideal for use cases such as mapping, powerline surveying, smart cities and other applications. The <0.006 deg Pitch and roll and < 0.03 deg Heading accuracy navigation system delivers extreme  accuracy on your LiDAR data. Once the point cloud data is collected we combine with orthorectified images to create a full color 3d model that can be utilized in many different ways. 

Cinematic Aerial Video and Photography

We are dedicated to the artistic craft of visual storytelling through cutting edge drone entertainment technologies. We are passionate and committed to our craft. Client and creative relationships are of primary importance, we work hard to openly communicate and build trust. We thank you for your consideration and look forward to flying with you!

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